Gear List

1FORD E250 cargo van: You get 150 miles a day then .55 a mile after that and fuel expense to be reimbursed at the end of job.
16 step ladder
2steel 3 riser combo stands
1015lb sand bags
435lb sand bags
24x ultrabounce floppies
24x floppies
24X4 diffusion frame
12X3 flag kit (3 solids, 1 single, 1 double, 1 silk, 1 open frame)
118X24 flag kit (3 solids, 1 single, 1 double, 1 silk, 1 ¼ stop black silk)
2junior pin to baby pin adapter
28” C-clamps with baby pins
26” baby nail on plate
33” baby nail on plate
4Cardellini clamps 2 center jaw, 2 end jaw
3Mafer clamps
5scissor clips with 5/8” pin
22 1/2” grip head
24 1/2” grip heads
120in arm and head
1baby offset arm
1bead board holder (duckbill or quacker clamp)
1foam core holder
30spring clips (15 #1s, 10 #2s, 5 #3s)
2full apple boxes, 4 ½ apple boxes, 4 ¼ apple boxes, 4 eighth apples
1box of chocks and wedges
1rubbermaid cart
2convertible hand trucks
14X4 bead board reflector silver/white
130” round bead board reflector silver/white
14X4 foam core
22X3 show card black/white
2sound blankets
Duvetyn scraps
1cordless drill/saw kit
4 foot gel rolls, full, ½,1/4 CTO and CTB, ND.9, Light grid, 250, 216, opal, 1000H (charged as used)
Expendables: gel, tape, sprays, sash, bailing wire, black wrap, diffusion, etc charged as used or not at all if reusable. Additional lighting, grip and electric available. Please see gear list if lighting, extra grip gear and/or electric is needed.

100mm hi-hat$35
0-90 Degree Camera Tilt Plate aka Camera Wedge$35
Dana Dolly (see www.dana for info)$50
4, 6, 8, 10, 12 foot 1.25 inch pipe (works with Dana dolly)$.50 a foot.
18K, 12K, 6K, 4K, 2500 HMIcall for prices
Arri M18 1800 watt HMI$225.00
add a medium chimera for $50
Astera box
Astera Titan tubes
4 bulb kit $250.00
Astera NYX bulb kit$75.00
Joker 400 HMI$150.00 add a xs chimera for $25

Joker HMI 800$175 add a small chimera for $25
Arri S60 C LED Sky Panel includes intensifier, chimera, remote etc.$250.00
Litemat Plus 2
Anton Bauer gold mount batteries available.
Litemat Spectrum 4$175.00
4ft quasar Q-LED linear
2000 to 6000K
$15 each
Aputure 600d
Aputure 600x
light dome II, F10 lens, 2 ft and 3 ft lanterns available
Aputure 300X$100.00
Aputure MC puck lights$20.00 ea
Astra LED Litepanel$100 with batts and charger $75 without batteries
1X1 LED flood Bi-color Litepanel$100 with batteries and charger $75 without.
1X1 LED Daylight spot Litepanel fixture w/ 2 batteries and charger.$75 with batteries $50 without
Rosco LED 6”X6” Lightpad (daylight fixtures)$10.00
Arri Softbank I kit (2 650watt fresnel, 1 300 fresnel and 1K open face with chimera and grid and stands) add $10 to include chimera for a 650.$75.00
Arri 150 watt kit (4 150 watt fresnel lights with stands)$60.00
Kino Flo gaffer select kit (2 4 foot 4 bank Kino Flo fixtures) 3200 and 5600
Quasar tubes also available
$125.00 or $62.50 ea.
$100.00 or $50 ea if only tungsten or daylight bulbs are needed.
$75 a fixture with quasar tubes
Kino Flo 4 foot single fixtures$30 ea.
Diva 400 fixtures (daylight and tungsten bulbs)$62.50 ea.
Arri T5 Fresnel 5000 watt tungsten fixture$50.00
Mole studio 2K 10” Fresnel 2000watt fixture$30.00
Mole 407 1K baby Fresnel 1000watt fixture add $10 for a small chimera $17.50
Source 4 750watt ellipsoidal instruments (19,26,36&50 degree lenses) ad’l lens $5$16.50
Arri 1K open face fixture with small Chimera $25.00
Arrilite 750 with small, extra small or narrow chimera.$25.00
Arri 650 watt fresnel add $10 to include a chimera$16.50
Arri 300 watt fresnel$15.00
Arri 150 watt fresnel$12.50
Mole 650watt Tweenie II Fresnel fixture$16.50
Mole 200watt Inkie Fresnel fixture$12.50
17in Lanternlock china balls (with mogul or Edison sockets up to 1000watts each)$10.00
All fixtures come with a stand except for Large Tungsten and HMI heads, Kinos, reflectors, china balls and softboxes.
Honda 3000 watt generator$100.00
Honda 2000 watt generator$75.00
100 foot 12/3 stingers 15amp$5.00ea
50 foot 12/3 stingers 15amp$2.50ea
25 foot 12/3 stingers 15amp$1.50ea
1000 watt dimmers$3.00ea
650 watt dimmers$2.00ea
6500 watt putt putt generators, 500amp, 600amp, 1500amp tow plant generators available.Call for prices.
Overheads and Butterflies
20X20 frame and rag set (bleached muslin also available)$200.00
12X12 frame and rag set (gold lame, silver lame, ultra bounce, 1/2 grid and green screen also available)$85.00
8X8 frame and rag set (ultra bounce, ½ grid, green screen also available)$65.00
6X6 frame and rag set$50.00
Rag set includes: 1 single, 1 double, 1 solid, 1 silk and 1 griffolyn. Additional rags are available. Green screens, grids, muslins, etc. Call or email for prices. Frames do not include stands.
Backdrops and Fabrics
9’X24’ seamless paper (arctic white, gray, scarlet)$20.00
Flags, Scrims and Frames
18"x48" cutter or 18"x48" floppy cutter$5.00
4X4 floppy solid$7.50
4x4 single, double, silk$7.50 each
4X4 open frame $5.00
18”X24” flag/scrim kit (includes 3 solids, 1 single, 1 double, 1 silk, 1 ¼ stop black silk)$10.00
24”X36” flag/scrim kit (includes 3 solids, 1 single, 1 double, 1 silk, 1 open frame)$12.00
18"x24" single/double/silk/solid$2.00 each
24"x36" single/double/silk/solid$2.50 each
C stands 40” with head and grip arm$4.50
C stands 20” with stand and grip arm $4.50
Hollywood 2 riser beefy baby stands$4.50
Hollywood 3 riser beefy baby stands$5.50
Low combo stands$7.50
Hollywood 2 riser aluminum combo stands$7.50
Triple riser junior steel combo rolling stands$7.50
Triple riser steel combo stands$7.50
Avenger low boy Jr. rolling stands (these work great with camera sliders)$7.50
Standard Grip Gear
35lb cordura sand bags$2.00
25lb water resistant sand bags$2.00
15lb cordura sand bags$1.50
Full, half, quarter, eighth apple boxes$1.50
Box of chocks or box of wedges$5.00
Ladders 4’,6’,8’,10’,12’ $8/10/12/14/16
Speed rail 1¼ Pipe
12 foot$6.00
8 Foot$4.00
6 foot$3
4 foot$2
Pipe boom kit (includes 1 ¼ ear, junior, baby receivers and ratchet strap)$10.00
Pipe ears 1 ¼ and pipe sleeves 1 ¼$5.00
Cardillini clamp end jaw/center jaw$2.00
Mafer clamp$2.00
Drop ceiling clamp$1.25
C-clamp with baby pins 8" or 6"$2.50
4 ½ in. grip head$2.50
2 ½ in. grip head$1.50
Wall plate baby 3" or 6"$1.50
Safety cable with clip$0.75
Chain vice grip with baby pin$2.50
Pipe clamp with baby pin$1.50
Duckbill clamp (quacker/onkebonk)$2.50
Offset arm (baby)$2.00
Offset arm (junior)$2.50
Spring clips$0.50
Misc. Grip Gear
Standard sound blankets$3.00
Cordless DeWalt Kit (18V drill, circular saw and light)$15.00
9lb sledge hammer$2.50
Anchor spike (bull prick)$2.50
Road cones$2.00
Rubbermaid cart$12.50
Convertible hand truck$10.00

Much of the above grip gear and carts come standard with the van/grip package which rents for $150 a day. You can order whatever lighting, electric and additional grip gear a la carte with the van.

Also, if you don’t see it in the list, chances are, I can find it for you. Generators, cranes and jibs, dollies, sliders, special effects, picture cars, car rigs, walkie-talkies, large tungsten instruments, HMIs, camera support and etc.