Rental Information



Terms and conditions

LOWERY LIGHTING LLC is not responsible for any expenses, liability, or claims arising from use or possession of provided equipment. Renter is responsible for the replacement value of gear rented. Any lost or damaged equipment is the responsibility of the renter and renter shall be charged accordingly should this occur. In the event equipment returned is non-rentable due to damage, said equipment shall remain on rent until it can be repaired or replaced.


Charges and Payment

Payment terms are net 30 days for established customers unless otherwise specified by LOWERY LIGHTING LLC.   New renters  must provide a deposit check and a check for rented gear prior to the day of shoot unless otherwise agreed. The amount of deposit check will be determined by amount of gear rented. Payment/Check should be made out to LOWERY LIGHTING LLC.  We also accept credit cards.



Transportation of rental gear is not included in price unless otherwise agreed. Delivery and/or pick up of equipment may constitute a separate charge. Renter is responsible for fuel expenses incurred due to transportation of rental equipment in all LOWERY LIGHTING LLC vehicles. When the Grip/Van package is rented, mileage in excess of 150 miles per day will be charged at the current government mandated rate per mile. Currently the rate is .55 per mile.  Rental equipment may be picked up at LOWERY LIGHTING LLC a day prior to your shoot AFTER 3PM provided arrangements have been made.  All rented equipment must be returned by 10am the day following rental in order to avoid additional charges.  Equipment that works on a pick up day and/or return day will be charged as a full day.



Renter must provide a copy of their insurance certificate, prior to rental, as evidence of having adequate coverage for replacement or repair of all rented equipment.  Rental equipment must appear as additional covered equipment and LOWERY LIGHTING LLC should be listed as additionally covered.  Liability coverage is also required.  Specifics detailed upon rental.